A change is coming

We often say our florist shop is a little different to most, we don't have numerous bunches made and the same stock everyday. We look for the different and quirky, everything from nature inspires us.

Each customer is able to create their gift with us making it a more thoughtful and involved gift. 

 Everyday we are learning, teaching each other and brain storming new ideas with our staff and our customers.


The Floristry world is forever changing and we are becoming more aware of the foot print we have.

We are making a few changes at Always Flowers.

From 1st July we hope to have all our store orders, Plastic and Foam Free!!

We will be offering reusable glassware, pottery and vintage finds in place of

'water bagging' or 'wet wrapping'.

These can either be kept and re purposed or dropped back to our reuse crate that will be kept next to our Nespresso collection box.

This is a start for us, as we can only say our store orders will be plastic and foam free. 

We wont be able to say that we are completely plastic and foam free just yet, we still have alot to learn when it comes to weddings and arbour installations but we are confident we'll keep working and discovering new ways to do installs.

Every bit helps.

So join us as we do our bit do reduce on single use plastics and non-biodegradable floral foam.

If you have any tips, ideas or tricks, we would love to share our thoughts and hear yours.


The team at Always Flowers xx 

Image by The Evoke Company